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Today I’m trying something different. Instead of text, I include three short video lessons covering the basics of Ethical and Trustworthy AI systems. This content is part of the AI Bootcamp that thousands have completed already.

Let’s Dive In! 🤿

1. The Risks of Irresponsible AI

Irresponsible AI use can lead to unforeseen consequences, including privacy breaches, biased decision-making, and a lack of accountability.

2. The Principles of Ethical AI

Ethical AI is founded on fairness, transparency, and respect for user privacy, aiming to ensure technology serves humanity positively.

3. How to Build a Trustworthy AI System

Building a trustworthy AI system involves rigorous testing, ethical guidelines adherence, and continuous monitoring to maintain integrity and user trust.

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That’s all for today. Enjoy the weekend folks,

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